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Electricity now 300 W 2.75 KWH today
Gas now 0 0.17 M3 today
Water 0 L now 156 Litres today


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Homemon is now in its eighth year, This live demonstration system of home monitoring systems and Independent living is IoT and IPv6 enabled, and it's also the IPv6 home that tweets. This site demonstates how smart metering can be used to make efficient use of electricity, gas and water and a way of showing the users "carbon footprint".

The gathered data is encrypted between sites an is then stored in SQL databases

The Homemon Homehub is now in its fourth version, the image gallery on the contacts page shows the first and the second version that added AES data encryption

Please look at the Privacy Policy and do not use this site if you do not agree to the terms

Water Meter Electricity Meter Gas Meter

Homemon adds fish tank monitoring

The top tank is 24.00 °C 75.20 °F
The bottom tank is 24.00 °C 75.20 °F

Homemon | 1st March 2015

Homemon moves away from flash

Homemon Graphing has been updated

As Android and Apple don't support flash and there is an increase in mobile devices not supporting flash all grahphing has been migrated from XML/SWF Charts

Homemon | 6th January 2015

Homemon saving water

Homemon aids detection of water leaks

I noticed through homemon.co.uk my water meter detected 4 litres an hour use overnight. I found a very small leak in a pipe but it continued. I traced it to a water saving ? dual flush toilet. The flush mechanisms bottom rubber seal had perished, apparently it's a very common fault. The seal is about £2 and takes two minutes to change. Water saving!! 4 litres * 24 * 365 = 35040 litres wasted a year for one toilet. I wonder how many out there are doing it now? By mentioning it I found and fixed 2 this week!!! If you are on a water meter check yours today.

Homemon | 14th October 2014

Homemon and IPv6

Homemon has added dual IPv4 and IPv6 support

THIS TIME IT IS FOR REAL Major Internet service providers (ISPs), home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world are uniting to redefine the global Internet and permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services on 6 June 2012.
IPv4 = 4 bytes = 32 bits = 4,294,967,296 possible addresses,and all have been assigned
IPv6 = 16 bytes = 128 bits =340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 possible addresses

IPv6 IPv6 Certification Badge for andygoy

Homemon | 16th March 2013

EDS Onewire Environmental Sensor

Homemon integrates this very useful device into the home monitoring Homehub. It monitors Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure and Light, and it also has a relay. It has been installed in the bathroom and the humidity sensor controls an extractor fan via the built in relay. Live data 1007.78 mb Humidity 60.75 % Temperature 22.06 °C

Homemon | 22nd July 2012

Solar water heating

The solar water heating system is well on the way and should be installed in August, the current status and data is displayed on the solar story tab

Homemon | 25th May 2012


The dishwasher has been changed today from cold fill to hot water fill. It's cheaper to heat water by gas so raising the fill water from cold to 45°C is more efficient and works ok. The dishwasher washes at 65°C, Cold fill uses 1.6Kw hot fill uses 1Kw saving 600 watts of electricity per wash.

Homemon | 23rd June 2011

Solar Heating

For the evaluation of solar heating I have added a temperature sensor on the roof in the position where the panel could be positioned. on Monday 27/6/2011 we had the hottest day this year

hotest day

The live results can be seen on the daily water graph on the smart meter page.

Homemon | 11th June 2011

Mobile site launched

Although it's only very basic, we decided to launch a mobile site to support the increasing access by mobile devices, It looks much better! Code has been added to the main page to detect and redirect mobile devices to the mobile portal. Currently meter readings , usage and key temperatures are viewable

Homemon | 28th May 2011

Summer is here?

In theory summer has arrived although it's overcast, blowing a hooley and raining!! I have a separate central heating boiler that just does the radiators. It's a few years old and has an energy wasteful pilot light. So yesterday evening I shut it down, you can see from the purple line on the graph when I did it. The pilot raises the flow temperature when the boiler is not active to @ 28 deg. My hot water is via a very efficient Vokèra AquaNova gas modulated instantaneous water heater with electronic ignition, that's the orange line

temperature graph

This makes my next project, a free (sensible payback period) tank of solar hot water a day, more difficult to achieve. For a start I don't have a hot water tank!! You can see from the billing page, once the heating boiler is turned off my monthly gas consumption for cooking and hot water is @£16. If I use the (price increase factor) figure 22 * 12 = £264. with a sensible payback of up to 5 years, the install and 5 years maintenance and a NOT* guaranteed tank of hot water every day, would have to be less than £1320, a bit of a challenge, but at least no salesman's commission!! these are some of the questions you have to ask yourself about Solar Power
According to the Energy SavingTrust "Costs for a typical solar water heating system is around £4,800 (inc VAT at 5%).
Savings are moderate - a solar water heating system can reduce your water heating bill by between £50 and £85 per year. It will also save up to 570kg of CO2 emissions." (£4800 / £85 = 56 year payback)
Although grants may be available, this implies without maintenance or repairs a payback of 4800/264 more than 18 years !! This doesn't take into account the gas price increases above 5 years. or if we will have any gas left by then! A sensible prediction is that prices won't come down!! * on overcast days and during winter an alternative method may be needed to top up the water tank temperature.

Homemon | 22nd May 2011


Thanks for the comments received via email. What's the picture of the fridge in the image gallery on the contacts page you ask? As part of Homemon Indepenent living, it monitors if you are using the fridge, why? The first thing most people do when they get up is to open the fridge for milk or food, It's one of a few good indications a person living alone is up and about and ok, PIR movement, temperatures and door contacts are some of the others.

Homemon | 27 February 2011

Background electricity

You can save yourself lots of money by reducing your background electricity usage. This is the electricity your house uses when you are not doing anything. For example things you need on like your fridge, freezer and alarm system, and other things you leave on standby and chargers left plugged in. (that you could turn off) Ideally you should reduce this as low as possible, as this value * 24 * 365 can add upto a lot!. To find your background electricity usage, take your meter reading as the last person goes to bed say 11PM, take a reading as soon as you get up i.e. 7AM divide the reading by the number of hours. Homemon does this accurately between 3 and 5 AM and it is usually about 200 watts so thats 4.8Kw a day. My price increased Npower sign online17 electricity costs 10.5 p a killowat so thats 50p a day or £184 a year See this live information on the bottom of the Smart Metering page

Homemon | 26 February 2011


In December 2010 Homemon started sending XML data to bwired.nl, Pieter Knuvers excellent Domotica site in Holland. View 37 online smart houses on Bwired domoticaworld google map

Homemon | 10 February 2011

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