Smart Meter

Electricity now 600 W 6.61 KWH today
Gas now 0.03 3 M3 today
Water 0 L now 123 Litres today
electric dayelecric monthelectric year
gas daygas monthgas year
water daywater monthwater year
Background Electricity averaged between 3 to 5 AM yesterday 46.333 pulses = 231.665 w/hr = 2029.3854 Kw a year about £ 284.11 (14p KwH)
The UK Electricity CO2 emission factor used is 0.2556 kg / kWh [DEFRA 2019 expires 31/7/2020] A large reduction due to coal switch to renewable in the last three years
The CO2 generated by burning natural gas is 0.18385 kg / kWh [DEFRA 2019 expires 31/7/2020]
Reference link to UK Government Greenhouse gas conversion factors